Ever wonder how well a variety produces tubers? Or how well it sells? Or will it make seeds? Or will it pollinate other varieties? I have compiled reports over the last few years based on tens of thousands of tubers harvested and over 50,000 seeds collected. Last season’s information is available in three reports:

“Tuber Harvest” includes the raw data, clump by clump production of marketable and second grade tubers as well as comments on flaws encountered. $100

“Sales Ranking” Sorted ranking from highest to lowest by number of tubers sold and by dollar volume. $100

“Seed Production” Approximately 1800 entries showing seed production per pod as well as failures, pods that declined to set seeds. Majority of seeds from open pollination, but many entries show pollen source as I do as much by hand as the weather will allow. $100

All three reports $250

Or as a custom Report $1 per variety per type of information.

Ken Greenway